Self-help is not just a genre

Oh that delicious self-help /entrepreneur section in the bookstore. I sniffed it out as soon as I entered Borders and picked my array of luscious life changing books, got a hot chocolate, sat down at a cafe table and started mentally planning out the beautiful my ways my life would take wings and fly.

And life happened, is happening and nothing came out the way I would have liked it. Surprise? I don’t think my childhood propensity for magical thinking ended, I think I still yearn for magic and still want life to delight and surprise me.

I have grown up a little since, literally. Now well into my thirties, I have been battered, smoshed and “surprised” by my life from all directions, and I have come to understand what a huge hand I have in shaping my life, and it can still be magical if that is what I want. I am still a huge fan of self-help genre, but this year I am done with planning and shall just do instead. Just begin, and never stop.just-start

I am not sure which I fear most, mediocrity or never knowing romantic love again. Right now I am destined to both. Hell no, I am turning around!

And now without too much fanfare, let’s just begin. And of course I say this as I just finished a pack of smarties (sugar coated chocolate), and stay up late yet again, as I should be sleeping. I am writing this blog as a record for me, though I hope others will read it someday.


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